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Three values. Seven principles. One purpose.

Why Triple7­­Factor

one purpose: Empowerment

Behind every great movement, project, and team, there’s an undeniable driving force that enables bold, definitive change. Sometimes, that force is revealed through the words and actions of a charismatic leader. For some people, it’s a brilliant idea or vision for a better tomorrow. Regardless of how it manifests, this raw energy keeps the world turning and gives us purpose.

At Triple7Factor, that force is found in the empowerment of others. Our mission is to enable others to enact change by supporting their organization, business, or individual goals. We believe that change happens when we raise one another up, and empowering those who do great things to better manage their technological needs is just one small way we can contribute.

Triple7Factor stands for the hopes, dreams, and wishes of all those who have felt unable to act on their most genuine and powerful ideas. We support those who are unsupported, strengthen those without strength, and empower those that need power the most. We’re here to enable the enablement of others.

It’s not about people solving tech problems. It’s about using technology to solve people problems.

Three core Values

Our three simple values are at the heart of everything we do, and guide every decision we make.

Unique solutions

The term “one size fits all” sounds great on paper, but no two people, businesses, environments, or technical problems are ever exactly the same. “Best practices” are a safe way to provide mediocre results. There’s only ever one ‘best’ answer to any problem, and that’s what we aim to deliver. We build custom solutions for every client, every time, tailored to their individual needs, resources, and limitations. Efficiency is great, but not at the cost of the right solution.


At the core of our mission is one simple philosophy; empower our partners. Every individual and organization has different needs, wants, concerns, limitations, and resources. Your unique perspective and experience drives us forward to create an ongoing relationship that works for you, no matter where you are in your journey. We work with every client as an individual to find solutions together, at your pace, and by your side.



Magical service

Amazing service should never be compromised for convenience. While standards and conventions are shortcuts to good outcomes, our policy is to settle for nothing less than incredible results. We believe in the platinum rule; treat others the way they want to be treated. We don’t just provide great service; we work our magic to deliver exactly the experience you hope for, every time.

Seven Princi­­ples of work

While our core values help us maintain integrity and purpose, the real magic happens when we apply our Seven Principles of Work. These areas of focus envelop our strategy and are embodied by our service commitments.


A Humanist approach

First and foremost, put people and their individual needs before everything we do. Find solutions that empower people to be self-reliant. Take into account the diverse experiences, goals, thoughts, and feelings of others. Develop technical solutions that solve human problems.


Progressive planning

Always work toward a future goal, and move the goal posts as often as necessary to maintain momentum. Partner with others in a sustainable way. Plan long term while solving immediate needs. Make incremental changes and review outcomes regularly to inform future decisions.


Security and privacy

Advocate for and embody the highest standards of data security and privacy. Live with a high degree of integrity. We believe personal information is sacred and treat it as such. Understand the importance of computer security and act in accordance with the highest ethical standards. 


Realistic solutions

Understand the limitations of resource scarcity, availability of time and staff, individual knowledge, and institutional culture. Provide a plan that offers realistic goals based on data and results. Deliver actionable, direct, and achievable solutions.


Agility and flexibility

Practice agile methodology in everything we do. Be versatile and willing to change and adapt. Implement incremental changes and reflect on the results often. Meet clients where they are and compromise often.


speed and efficiency

Act with a sense of urgency. Design efficient solutions at the ground level while planning ahead. Work smarter, not harder. Utilize automation to more effectively solve problems. Never sell unnecessary products or services.


Quality and accuracy

Follow the highest standards of accuracy whenever possible. Don’t guess; find out. Only deliver quality solutions; if it’s not ready, it’s not ready. Do things right the first time. Verify through testing and real world data.


Continually looking for the positive in every situation, [Athena] is a highly effective problem solver who looked for ways to help facilitate better communication and efficient troubleshooting for customer problems. 

Athena was both personable and professional to work with; I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a hardworking, intelligent, and technical [partner].

Auston Kleczka
Digital Marketing Specialist, Automatit Inc.

Athena is one of the most tenacious, driven and hardworking people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She never just does what’s asked of her but goes above and beyond to deliver work beyond your expectations.

Her intelligence, quick thinking and cunning all make her an invaluable [partner]. Any company that has the pleasure of working with Athena is a lucky one!

Eric McNulty
Application Specialist, DeWinter Group

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