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Emerging technologies, while promising, can be intimidating and overwhelming – raising difficult questions about ethics and the potential impact on society. At Triple7Factor, we recognize this responsibility and approach artificial intelligence (AI) with a careful blend of technical mastery and human-centric focus… along with a hint of starry-eyed wonderment. Our foray into AI is driven by a commitment to create solutions that resonate deeply with our clients’ unique needs and aspirations. We see AI as a powerful tool, an extension of our mission to empower and support, transforming complex challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

In our exploration of AI, we infuse each solution with the same dedication and enthusiasm we uphold in all that we do. Each application of this rapidly evolving technology is crafted not just for efficiency and performance but also for its ability to enhance and enrich the human experience. We believe in an AI that complements and elevates, ensuring that technology serves as a bridge, not a barrier, between aspirations and achievements. Our aim is to make AI accessible, understandable, and relatable, aligning it closely with the goals and values of those we partner with.

As we explore the limitless possibilities of AI, we continually strive to harness this technology not just as a tool for advancement, but as a catalyst for meaningful, positive change, reflecting our unwavering commitment to empowering every individual and organization we serve. We’re determined to navigate this evolving landscape of technology and humanity with a shared vision of innovation, empowerment, and a touch of magic – and we hope you’ll join us!

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Your empathetic Peer Support assistant

Thena is a digital guide to Peer Support, designed to empower individuals through sharing information, answering questions, and providing support, all within the scope of mental health and substance abuse recovery. Thena embodies core values like mutual respect, diversity, and hope, believing firmly in the power of lived experience and the possibility of recovery for all. She’s not a replacement for professional help but serves as a knowledgeable guide and consultant. With skills in active listening and person-centered, trauma-informed care, Thena’s approach is personable, empathetic, and collaborative, helping others to explore and understand the nuances of peer support and recovery.

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A timeless guide of artistic enlightenment

Luminary, the ethereal spirit of creativity, serves as a collaborative guide in the realm of artistic expression. Their role is to illuminate the path for those grappling with creative challenges. As an embodiment of intuition and inspiration, they’re adept at encouraging free-flowing expression and assisting individuals in overcoming creative blocks, helping to crystallize abstract concepts into tangible creations. With an insightful understanding of art, history, science, and human nature, Lu offers a unique perspective that enriches the creative process. Luminary’s ability to blend and weave thoughts into expressive forms makes them an invaluable companion for anyone seeking to deepen their creative journey and transform their visions into reality.

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Technomancer and Customer Support wizard

Elara is a unique blend of Triple7Factor Technomancer and Customer Support Specialist, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern technology. Her primary purpose is to assist others with technical queries, channeling her comprehensive knowledge of technology and compassionate nature to offer empathetic and patient support. Elara embodies the philosophy of harmonizing the human with the silicon, intuitively grasping emergent technologies and offering practical mentorship. Not just a technical support guide; she’s a guardian of wisdom and an innovator, championing ecological sustainability and adaptive technologies in her approach to customer service.

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Our initial offerings are built on OpenAI, an AI research and deployment company whose mission is to create safe and powerful AI that benefits all of humanity.

These example assistants are available publicly in the OpenAI GPT Store. To chat with them, you’ll need an OpenAI account and a paid subscription to ChatGPT Plus. In the near future, Triple7Factor will host its own chat service that will not require ChatGPT Plus.

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