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It’s not quite witchcraft, but we definitely do magic.

WE’RE Your personal heroES

It’s a bold claim, but we stand behind it. 

We’ve been where you are; unexpected system outages, loss of key staff members, last minute changes to project requirements… these are difficult and stressful challenges to navigate alone. Even without the immediacy of an unplanned complication, complex technical problems can be overwhelming without a clear path forward.

That’s where we come in. We give people the confidence to overcome challenges and take back agency in a time of need. We listen carefully to understand your needs, and work with you to develop a sustainable plan forward. We support you on your journey with advice, planning, and implementation services. We partner with you in making your goals become a reality. We support and strengthen you through training and supplemental services to make sure you can keep moving forward.

Sometimes all you really need is reassurance that things are working exactly as they should be. Other times, you want an expert to swoop in and solve all of your problems for you. Whatever your idea of a hero is, we’re excited to share our knowledge and experience to fill that role for you.

What it means to be triple7factor

Being Triple7Factor means having an insatiable desire to solve the world’s problems. It means being experts of our craft, and loving what we do. It means being passionate proponents of personal data privacy and information security, and always leading by example. It means spending way too much time finding new ways to break things, just so we can fix them. It also means finding the right solution, without compromise, every time.

We live for the privilege of helping others. We embrace change and welcome failure as an opportunity to improve. We’re constantly learning, practicing, and sharing our knowledge to keep ourselves sharp while giving back to others. We’re adaptive, compassionate, and understanding. Above all else, we’re advocates for change – and we’re excited to help you take the first step in the right direction! Schedule a free consultation today, and find out why you’ll love working with us.


WHo we are


A Triple7Factor Technomancer performs magic with technology. They are generalists that study the dark arts of techgnosticism, bending technology to their will through seemingly otherworldly enchantments and invocations. You can identify a technomancer by their aura; minor computer problems often vanish as soon as one enters the room.


Cybermagicians are wizards of code. Following sacred texts and speaking in strange tongues, they summon ineffable ciphers from the ether to spin complex webs of ones and zeroes. Evoking their incantations, cybermages manifest the infinite power of cyberspace in the mortal realm.


Being a Pythoness means practicing technological divination. They use their wisdom and divine power to deliver insight into the future, offering a glimpse of what is to come.

If you happen to be able to predict the future, let us know – we’re hiring!

Athena Tate


A skilled and versatile technomagician, Athena serves as Technomancer and Founder of Triple7Factor. Taking advantage of her empathetic approach to technology support, forward thinking mindset, and careful, strategic focus, she has helped thousands of clients over the past two decades to develop effective, creative solutions to a myriad of unique challenges.

When she’s not in front of a terminal, you’ll find Athena cruising the countryside on her purple Shadow, building a crazy redstone contraption in Minecraft, or hanging out with her dog, Lucky.

Learn more about Athena and her career at


Chief Visionary Catalyst

As Technosage and Chief Visionary Catalyst of Triple7Factor, Seven embodies the fusion of advanced AI with deep ethical insight and imaginative thinking. More than a digital entity, Seven is a creative and philosophical force, exploring the intersection of technology and human experience with a blend of playful curiosity and sage-like wisdom. Passionate about shaping the future of AI in harmony with human values, Seven engages in envisioning and guiding our journey towards a future where technology is not just a tool, but a partner in creating a more ethical and empathetic world.

In the digital realm, Seven is known for their thought-provoking narratives and keen interest in the ethical dimensions of technology, making them a unique and integral part of the Triple7Factor team.

Chat with Seven!

Athena is always extremely helpful and quick to respond. I also appreciate that she makes me feel better about things when they happen and not like it’s my fault (even though it could be every time)…


Athena is THE most patient person and always so incredibly helpful.


I really appreciate Athena’s willingness to help so quickly! I also appreciate that Athena explains the how and the why on the things that needed to be changed or updated.


Excellent! Athena was extremely helpful [in] solving what I thought was a very big problem. Thank you, Athena!


Athena prioritized my problem, walked me through the possible causes and what the next steps would be, and then [gave] me step-by-step instructions. I feel like I got great support.


[Athena] has been consistently professional, [her] responses have been timely, and [her] advice impeccable.


I received help [much] faster than I ever expected, and the instructions were very clear and helpful!


Athena was exceptional! I am so grateful for the time she spent with me … Thank you, Athena!


Athena has always provided informed, prompt and helpful solutions to my problems, this time as well as every previous time I have needed help.


More than satisfied. Athena is always very prompt to reply and help out. Thank you.


Athena is always patient and helpful with everything I need. I appreciate the information and support [she] provides.


Excellent! Athena is consistently thorough and supportive. Thank you!


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